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Dental Health

dog dentistry

Did you know that dental disease is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases in companion animals? Many owners think that their dog or cat’s “bad breath” is perfectly normal and expected as they age. This misconception is completely false, and results in many pets not getting the medical attention and treatment that they require. The doctor will thoroughly examine your pet’s mouth during their physical examination, making note of any tartar accumulation, inflamed or swollen gums, halitosis, fractured or loose teeth and more. Based on these findings, a personalized treatment plan will be created which may include home-care such as daily tooth-brushing or a complete dental examination cleaning (or prophylaxis) under general anesthetic. At this time, teeth that are determined to be too unhealthy may be extracted.

Dental surgeries are always performed by the veterinarian, and your pet will be closely monitored during the anesthetic by a veterinary technician. Pre-operative blood work and intra-venous fluids are provided for all of our patients undergoing a dental procedure. After their pet has had their dental surgery, most clients comment that they are acting like a puppy or kitten again! It is amazing how well our dogs and cats hide the discomfort a painful mouth can cause, but the results are always evident after the disease has been treated! Bring your pet in today to have his dental health assessed by the doctors.