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Adult and Senior Pet Wellness Program

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At the Danforth Veterinary Clinic our top priority is to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy! We recommend at minimum a once annual wellness examination to ensure your adult or senior pet is in good health. At this visit, a comprehensive physical examination is performed by the doctor and any health or behavioural issues will be addressed. As our pets get older they are prone to many conditions, including but not limited to dental disease, joint pain/mobility issues, weight gain or loss, heart failure, endocrine/hormonal imbalances and organ dysfunction (such as chronic kidney disease). Subtle changes can be detected before the onset of clinical signs at home, and prompt treatment will ensure a better long-term outcome. Laboratory testing such as blood work and urine testing can also help us create a complete health profile for your dog or cat, and can be discussed at your appointment.

Adult CatDepending on your pet’s lifestyles, certain vaccinations may be recommended and given during your visit to help prevent life-threatening infectious diseases. We advise that all dogs and outdoor cats be placed on heartworm and flea medication as a preventative measure from June to November every year. Call us or come in to the clinic to discuss what your pet needs.