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Nutritional Counselling

cat nutritionProper nutrition plays a critical role in your pet’s life, from the moment you bring them home right through to their senior years. Every dog and cat is unique and has specific requirements that must be addressed through their diet. Many conditions, such as kidney or liver disease, arthritis, obesity and diabetes, have certain dietary requirements that must be followed to ensure the optimal outcome. After the complete physical examination and review of your pet’s medical history, the doctor will be able to counsel you on the different nutrition options available and guide you in making the best diet choice for your pet.

One of the most common conditions encountered in our practice is obesity in our companion animals. We know how difficult a challenge it can be to get those extra pounds off your dog or cat, and are here to help you every step of the way. From a detailed diet plan, to an exercise regimen and organized weigh-in schedule, we are committed to help reach these weight loss goals. Obesity has been shown to shorten the lifespan of our companion animals, not to mention make them susceptible to many medical issues such as diabetes, arthritis and liver disease. Let us help you, and ask about our success stories!